2012 filing charges for the filing of the annual accounts

2012 filing charges for the filing of the annual accounts

As from 2012 companies will pay more to file their annual accounts. The National Bank has published these new filing charges in the Belgian Official Gazette of 2 December 2011. These filing charges are indexed annually.

Filing charges

At the latest seven months after closing of the financial year and within thirty days after approval by the annual shareholders meeting, the annual accounts should be filed with the Central Balance Sheet Office of the National Bank of Belgium. These filing charges consist out of: the publication charges of the NBB, the publication charges of the announcement of the filing in the annexes of the Belgian Official Gazette, a contribution to the operational costs of the Accountancy Standards Commission (CBN), a contribution to the auditor's independency commission and VAT.

Companies should file their annual accounts electronically. Filing on paper is an exception which is only allowed for foreign companies and moral persons of which the turnover does not exceed 500.000 (ex VAT). As a general rule, companies which should file their annual accounts need to use one of the standard models of the National Bank. Non-listed small companies can use the abbreviated model: large companies and listed small companies should use the full model.

Overview filing charges 2012

The standard filing charges are the charges for filing the full model of the annual accounts. These charges also apply for the consolidated annual accounts. The reduced charges apply for annual accounts drafted following a standard, abbreviated model. It also applies to annual accounts of financial institutions and insurance and reinsurance companies. As from 1 January 2012 companies will pay the following filing charges (ex VAT):

Via the Internet in the form of a structured data file (xbrl):

Full model: 268.80

Abbreviated model: 61.40

Correction: 61.40

Via the Internet in the form of a pdf-file:

Full model: 319.00

Abbreviated model 111.60

Correction: 61.40

By post in paper form or at the desk:

Full model: 324.50

Abbreviated model: 117.10

Correction: 61.40

Annual accounts containing substantial errors should be re-filed. Substantial errors can only occur in annual accounts in a pdf-file or on paper. Annual accounts filed online as a xbrl-file containing substantial errors cannot pass the validation program. Substantial errors representing only a small amount are considered as simple errors. Such simple errors are not sanctioned but are communicated by the Balance Sheet Office to avoid such errors for the future.