Delay for electronic filing of corporate tax return

Delay for electronic filing of corporate tax return

Companies have time until 7 November 2011, in stead of 13 October 2011, to file their electronic corporate tax return through Biztax. The increased number of returns handled by Biztax together with the personal tax returns filed through tax-on-web leads to long delays. In order to allow tax payers to file their tax returns in due time, the filing period is extended.

Biztax successor to VenSoc

Biztax exists since May 2011 and replaces the previous version, VenSoc, through which corporate tax returns can be filed electronically since 2005. Biztax uses XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). The tax return and annexes are translated in an XBRL taxonomy, a dictionary containing all necessary data. The new application offers extra functionalities to the users, such as filing multiple returns and consulting previously filed returns. In consultation with the “number professionals” the tax authorities will make improvements to increase the efficiency of Biztax.
The form of the corporate tax return for tax year 2011 is tuned in with Biztax. It has a complete new lay out, the boxes are no longer numbered and the coding is new.

Deadline tax return 7 November 2011

Early October 113.289 companies have filed their tax return using Biztax. In 2005, only 14.060 did so.

For tax returns which were due on paper ultimately on 7 October 2011, companies have an extended deadline until 7 November 2011 at midnight (in stead of 13 October 2011) for the eletronic filing through Biztax.

For tax returns which should be filed on paper after 7 October 2011, companies automatically have an additional delay of one month after the ultimate filing date of the paper return when using Biztax.


deadline paper return: 22.09.2011 - BizTax: 07.11.2011

deadline paper return: 15.10.2011 - BizTax: 15.11.2011

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